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  • SFLAD INC Door Specialists offers a wide range of installation and repair services.

  • We have long-standing relationships with many of the South Florida area’s most prestigious universities, hospitals, places of worship and commercial properties. Our customers rely on us to have the highest quality products they need and quick, reliable service to which they are accustomed.



       INSTALLATION Types:

  • All shapes and styles of aluminum, hollow metal and wood doors and frames

  • Commercial hardware installation (new and existing doors)

  • Installation of automatic door openers for handicap access

  • Expert refitting of metal and wood doors

  • Cutting new door openings into masonry walls

  • Hardware and electronic access control systems

  • Artistic repair of wood doors and frames

  • Hardware updates and repair

  • Door louver and vision cut-out 

  • Door and hardware Installation repair

Frame Installations

SFLAD: Door tech specialist Installing a new KD frame, surface door closer and continuous geared hinge to an existing door


SFLAD: Tech Replacing KD Hollow Metal Frame

Interior Picture

Finish Frame Replaced

Exterior Picture

Finish Frame Replaced

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