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  • NF series door specifications:

    • Premium fiberboard core for heat transmission

    • control

    • Keeps the side of the door not exposed to fire

    • below 250 degrees fahrenheit at 30 minutes into a

    • fire test

    • Premium 250 degree core

    • Versus competitors 400 degree standard core

  • 18 gauge standard

    • Available in 14 and 16 gauges

  • Fiberboard core standard

    • R factor of 3.5

    • U factor of.286

  • Cold rolled steel standard

    • Available in a60 galvannealed and g90 galvanized steel

  • SFLAD grey primer standard

    • Available unprimed (galvanized and galvannealed) and factory prefinished in thousands of sherwin williams colors

  • Flush face standard

    • Available with a variety of lite kits, louvers, and panel designs including woodgrain

  • Exclusive door design includes:

    • Mechanically interlocking pan and lid design

    • 7 gauge hinge reinforcements with an extra-long, high frequency top hinge

    • Reinforcement standard

    • Closer reinforcement standard

    • Inverted top channel standard

    • Available flush top

    • Up to 3 hour fire rating available

  • Built to meet and exceed ADA, ANSI, ASTM, and SDI standards. (ASTM E152 for heat transmission)

Temperature rise door
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